Welcome to Firelux!

We bid you a warm welcome to the Firelux Premium Heating Liquids website! Do you have a paraffin heater? Or perhaps you are thinking about buying one to be warm and cosy this winter? Mobile heaters are ideal for heating rooms, giving that extra bit of warmth or simply keeping them frost-free. For example, your shed, caravan, summer house or maybe a space in your house that is not centrally heated. It is a good idea to use a clean, high-quality fuel in mobile heaters. lees verder >

The same applies to hot air blowers!

Hot air blowers, also known as space heaters, are often used to heat large spaces such as garages, workshops and factories. These devices burn paraffin or diesel, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. As well as burning good-quality diesel, it is better to use a type of paraffin because this burns much cleaner. Firelux Plus is an excellent fuel for use in paraffin-burning hot air blowers, because of the low sulphur content and very low aromatic.. lees verder >

Make sure your heater’s existing reserve is consumed before switching to Firelux!

If you switch to using Firelux Premium Heating Liquids, it is a good idea to burn up all the heater’s existing reserve first. This is especially important in heaters with wicks; this will ensure that all the fuel in the wick is burned off. To avoid unpleasant odours, it is best to do this outdoors. You can subsequently fill the heater again with Firelux Plus or Firelux Clear. To ignite, follow the procedure described in the instructions that came with your heater. Furthermore, it is advisable to change your heater’s.. lees verder >

Product development & innovation

Firelux aims to develop products that are innovative without limiting their technical applicability. An example is Firelux Clear, a GTL fuel. GTL stands for ‘gas to liquids’. They are synthetic fuels produced from natural gas using the Fischer-Tropsch process. An important property of GTL fuels is their purity. They are 100% desulphurised and dearomatised, yet still have a high cetane number guaranteeing high-grade combustion. GTL fuels are generally viewed as forming an important step towards.. lees verder >

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