Firelux Clear: GTL synthetic fuel, the cleanest there is for you and your heater

Firelux‏ Clear is a reliable, odourless GTL fuel for use with mobile heaters. It produces reduced emission levels of hazardous substances and contains extremely low levels of aromatic hydrocarbons (> 0.007%*) Firelux Clear is the cleanest fuel for you and your heater!

What is GTL synthetic fuel (Iso-Paraffin)?

GTL synthetische brandstof GTL synthetic fuel GTL stands for ‘gas to liquid’. They are synthetic fuels produced from natural gas using the Fischer-Tropsch process. An important property of GTL fuels is their purity. They are 100% desulphurised and dearomatised, yet still have a high cetane number guaranteeing high-grade combustion. GTL fuels are generally viewed as forming an important step towards making fuels more sustainable.

Suitable for all heater brands

All makes of mobile heater work extremely well using Firelux‏ Clear. It complies with all European heater manufacturers' warranty terms, as well as stringent European legislation, e.g. French NF128 (25-06-2010) standards.


Firelux Clear 20 liter
  • suitable for all makes of mobile heater
  • contains no sulphur or sulphur-based compounds
  • odourless and extremely low aromatic hydrocarbon content
  • high cetane no. for optimal combustion quality and reduced emission levels of hazardous substances
  • biodegradable and high flash point (above 61 °C), i.e. not subject to ADR (International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) regulations
  • produced using sustainable gas to liquid processes
  • packaged in 100% recyclable, HDPE containers with child-safe caps
Firelux Clear - 10 and 20 L.

  • Suitable for all heater brands

  • Extremely low aromatic hydrocarbon content

  • Odourless

  • Sustainable gas to liquid processes

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