Handhevelpomp Firelux

Filling your heater is easy and problem-free with the hand pump

Firelux Plus and Firelux Clear are sold in 20 litre jerrycans. With the hand pump, you can fill your heater easily, safely and without hassle.

How do I use the hand pump?

  • Place the hand pump in the jerrycan.
  • Place the end of the flexible hose in the fuel reservoir of your heater.
  • Check that the white cap on the red handle is closed properly.
  • Handhevelpomp FireluxSqueeze the red handle several times to draw in air and get the siphon mechanism operating.
  • When the reservoir is full, unscrew the white cap to open it again; the pump will then automatically stop siphoning. Attention: you must do this promptly, otherwise the pump will continue to siphon and the tank will overflow!

Ask about the hand pump at your Firelux sales outlet.

Firelux hand pump

  • Easy to operate

  • Hassle-free filling

  • Safe

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